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09/24/2011 15:57

E-Cig is on! Get your lungs back in shape, plus check out the webcam!

Go to the e-cig page here, these things helped me quit!   And of course, the Ackless Macgyver Surf Cam is going strong!  Its working on all PC browsers but not on Macs.  Maybe someone will figure that out.
08/18/2011 20:10

MacGyver Surf Cam is back, zoomed in! cam is on!  View of Sea Isle City, NJ  (click the photo)
07/25/2011 21:29

E-cigs from InnoVapor now has its own promo code for Innovapor E-cigs, to save you 20%.  I used this brand of E-cig and their liquid to quit smoking, that's why I'm recommending them!  Go to InnoVapor's site and use the code ACK20 !!
07/20/2009 14:17

New pics in Surf and Ackless Philosophy section

Just added new pics from the weekend to the Surf and Ackless Philosophy sections of the site.  Check out The MAC, The Chotch, and Mr. Simpers catching swell, and some nice sunrise photos in the Philosophy section.
06/23/2009 15:11

New vid in X Stream Kayak section

Check out the new vid in the X Stream Kayak section.  Sick vid of people doing waterfalls and seriously rocky rapids.  Surf report call 253-484-7100.  Today is good and friday should shape up to be a nice day with west wind, decent size swell.  GET ACKLESS!!   Steve
06/07/2009 11:38

New BMX vid by Jimmy O!!

Jimmy O does it again with a new vid, this time in HD!  The tricks were filmed with a fisheye lens. Go check it out in the BMX section!  Surf update: Saturday morning was nice big and clean in NJ.  No big swells in the forecast for now.  Waters warming...

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